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"A passionate analysis of the situation as it obtains today"
"Arif Mohammed Khan"

"People like him keep Democracy on the Rails "
S.Y.Qureshi Former C.E.C

"The book has application beyond India's Frontiers. We are starting an Arabic translation immediately "
Waeil Awwad

"(The book) highlights the tensions between representative democracy and participative democracy"
H.E.Reuben lgnacio Zamora Rivas

"The people of India have taken the constitution of india as dharma shastra
Justice J.S.Verma

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Vinod Saighal's book compels attenton for several reasons. To begin with the model for Restoration of Good Goverment (MRGG), a universal model that he unveiled in October 1995 found instant resonance throughout the country and many parts of the world, including the United Nations.     
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.....Third Millennium Equipoise is conceivably the most
comprehensive blueprint on global governance and security.......

"fascinatingly detailed blueprint for a nuclear -weapons -free world"

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